Application of the scale

The online privacy literacy scale (OPLIS) can be used to study users' knowledge with regard to different aspects of data protection and privacy in online environments. Our primary aim was to operationalize online privacy literacy as a latent construct allowing to study its antecedents and consequences. However, the scale can also be used to assess a population's general knowledge. Accordingly, it can be used in many different research areas and disciplines. We invite all researchers or practitioners who are interested in studying online privacy literacy to use OPLIS.

Depending on the aim of a study, OPLIS may be used differently. One can study overall online privacy literacy or single aspects of the multidimensional concept. In the following, we will propose three typical usage scenarios which require different operationalizations.

Scenario 1

Analyzing overall online privacy literacy and its effect on other constructs.

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Scenario 2

Focusing on analyzing specific dimensions of online privacy literacy and its effects on other constructs.

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Scenario 3

Assessing or comparing the level of online privacy literacy of a population to standard values.

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